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Pipejacking by BLOC Contractors
900mm – 3000mm diameter concrete jacking sleeves through all ground conditions.
Culvert Jacking work done by BLOC Contractors
Culvert jacking
Culvert jacking
Various portal configurations for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
Thrustboring work done by BLOC Contractors
300mm – 600mm m/steel sleeves for challenging ground conditions.

Directional Drilling

Horizontal drilling done by BLOC Contractors
Horizontal directional drilling
Horizontal directional drilling
200mm – 1000mm HDPE pipes installed accurately for lengths up to 500m.

Lateral Support

soil nailing
Soil Nailing
Soil Nailing
• Threadbar solid Anchors
• Self Drilling Anchors (SDA’s)
• Post tensioned cable strand    anchors
• Manta Ray & Duckbill anchors
Lateral support, man spraying concrete onto wall
Sprayed Concrete
Sprayed Concrete
• Shotcrete & Gunnite
• Decorative finish for Shotcrete / Gunnite
Rockfall protection work
Rockfall Protection
Rockfall protection
• Rock drapery mesh
• Catch fences

Sheet Piling

Sheetpile installation with excavator
Sheet Pilling
Sheet Piling
• Ideal for soft / collapsible   ground conditions
• Shoring for pipelines /    sewers / services
• Pits for manholes / pump    stations
• Coffer Dams
Shoring work done by BLOC Conctractors
Trenches, pump stations, bespoke configurations.

Other Services

Caissons construction BLOC Contractors
For manholes, shafts, soak pits, foundations.
Grouting work done by BLOC Conctractors
Void filling, slab jacking, consolidation grouting.
Civil work done by BLOC Conctractors
We execute our civil projects through a variety of project execution models including conventional tendering, design and construct, EPC, collaboration, alliancing, and negotiated projects.

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