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Why Pipejacking Is Still a Popular Way of Installing Steel Pipes

May 15, 2019

Use Pipejacking to Make Quick Work of Pipe Installation

Pipejacking is a trenchless method used for installing steel pipes and casings. This technique makes it easy to accurately install concrete pipes and culverts of up to 3000mm in size, in just about any type of ground condition. The technique involves excavation from within the protecting limits of a jacking shield. Ultimately, pipejacking delivers a robust, reinforced and finished concrete pipeline, seeing as the tunnel is excavated while also providing proper ground support and keeping any ground movement to a minimum. What’s more, safety is another benefit of using the pipejacking method, particularly in urban settings. This technique keeps most of the professionals outside of the tunnel, offering greater control over the excavation and the various conditions that impact the project. These are only a few of the many reasons why it still pays to use pipejacking as a dependable way of installing piping. When looking for a reliable pipejacking service provider, you certainly are spoilt for choice. It’s because of this that you have to make sure you’re working with a true industry professional capable of meeting your specific requirements. By doing so, you are one step closer to enjoying the fruits of a successful trenching and piping project. Make sure that your prospective service provider has been around a good while and that they have the scope and capabilities of meeting your company’s requirements. With so many service providers vying for your business, there’s no reason to accept anything other than the best.

Work with Bloc Contractors for Expert Pipejacking Services

We are proud of our long history of great service and continue working hard to far exceed all expectations placed on us. Our team of seasoned industry professionals is also always at hand to answer your questions and to make sure you have everything you need to make the best informed decision for your needs. There’s never any reason to settle for anything other than the very best service and solutions when working with us. Let us help you lay trenchless piping with ease and streamline your project by taking it to the next level. Our team is ready to far exceed all your expectations. If you would like to learn more about us, what we do, and how we can be of benefit to you, then simply contact us today. We look forward to providing you with all the information needed to make a fully informed decision and to benefit from working with our seasoned team of industry professionals. Tap into our vast resources and experience and let us help you pull off successful projects. Our team looks forward to helping you benefit from our great experience and expertise and to bringing in your projects on time.

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