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Why Trenchless Technology is a better method for renewing pipes & lines over traditional methods

February 5, 2020

Trenchless technology has become increasingly popular over the years due to the benefits of these construction methods. Trenchless technology is often compared with the traditional methods of open trenches. Read below to find out why trenchless technology is a better method for renewing pipes and lines over traditional methods:

Cost Effective

The cost of methods varies depending on site conditions and which traditional or trenchless methods have been used. However, trenchless technology is often the most cost-effective choice compared to traditional methods. It is also the most socially accepted method because of its small-scale disruption to the general public and is of little to no cost to the social environment.


The renewal of pipes and lines is made easy with trenchless technologies. Unlike traditional methods, trenchless technology can be used to remove and replace the pipes and lines without disrupting the surface. Methods such as the pipe bursting method allows construction workers to use a bursting tool that breaks the existing pipe and installs a new pipe at the same time.


The time it takes to complete construction projects with trenchless technologies is much shorter than if traditional methods were to be used. Traditional methods take longer because they require surface excavation in order to create the trenches. Trenchless technologies can be used to start renewing pipes and lines immediately without the hassle of having to excavate first.

Environmental Impact

Installing, renewing and repairing pipes and lines with trenchless technologies has a lower environmental impact than traditional methods. The surface excavation required for traditional methods is not environmentally friendly as it may require the removal of vegetation that has made its home on the surface. Trenchless technologies keep vegetation safe because of the low level of surface disruption.

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