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How We Elevated Two 100-Ton Kilns in Two Days

September 5, 2023
The BLOC Contractors team that took on the project.


In the world of construction and engineering, some projects demand a level of precision and ingenuity that sets them apart. One such endeavour was our recent assignment to elevate two separate kilns, each weighing approximately 100 tons, by a mere 200mm. This blog post delves into the complexities and solutions that made this project a success.

The Challenge:

Lifting two massive kilns without causing any structural damage was no small feat. The kilns needed to be elevated to allow our client to fit an additional level of bricks for baking, a seemingly simple objective that required intricate planning and execution.

The Importance of Reinforcement:

Before we could even think about lifting the kilns, we had to ensure they were structurally sound. Reinforcement was not just a precaution; it was a necessity. We conducted a thorough analysis to identify potential weak points and then took steps to strengthen these areas.

The Tools and Technology:

For a job of this magnitude, specialized jacking equipment was essential. We used hydraulic jacks capable of lifting heavy loads with pinpoint accuracy. The choice of equipment was crucial to the project's success, as it allowed us to control the lift down to the millimeter.

The Process:

Initial Assessment: Our team conducted a comprehensive review of the kilns' structural integrity, using advanced imaging technology to identify any areas that required additional reinforcement.

Reinforcement: Based on our initial assessment, we fortified the kilns with additional materials designed to withstand the pressures of lifting.

The Lift: With the kilns reinforced and our equipment in place, we initiated the lift. Each hydraulic jack was carefully calibrated to ensure an even, stable lift.

Quality Check: After the kilns were successfully elevated, we conducted another round of assessments to confirm that they were stable at their new height.

The Outcome:

The operation was completed in just two days, a testament to the effectiveness of our planning and the skill of our team. The client can now add an additional level of bricks for baking, achieving their objective without any structural issues.


This project was more than just another job; it was a showcase of what can be achieved with meticulous planning, the right technology, and a team of skilled engineers. It serves as a case study in how to tackle complex engineering challenges without compromising on safety or efficiency.

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