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Here’s How Bridge Jacking Is Keeping South Africa’s Bridges Operational

June 25, 2018

Learn More About the Importance of Cutting Edge Bridge Jacking

Public safety in South Africa requires safe bridges. These constructions have various civil infrastructure maintenance requirements, replacement and repairs that need to occur throughout their lifespan. Throughout the years, there have been multiple bridge failures and damages that have made the news. It’s clear that South Africa has a lot of work that needs to be done to assess and ensure bridge safety, and this is where bridge jacking comes into play. Bridge jacking, also referred to as structural lifting operations, is where each structural component of the bridge is propped or lifted, and then individually repaired or replaced. This type of lifting operation is required to guarantee the bridge’s structural integrity, as the required repairs are completed. Keep in mind that bridge shoring won’t actually move the bridge or its components. It merely adds temporary support to the bridge’s structure, as bridges are able to support a live load when it’s being shored, but not while it’s being jacked. Both shoring and jacking might be required in various situations, including the replacement or repair of the bridge members, including piers, beams and girders. However, these operations might also form part of a broader bridge rehabilitation or construction project. Bridge jacking is crucial as it aids in relieving the load of the entire bridge structure, ensuring repairs to its components will be effective, and will be affected with the least possible interruption. These are only a few of the reasons behind the importance of expert bridge jacking.

Work with Bloc Contractors for Expert Bridge Jacking in South Africa

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