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What equipment is necessary for Trenchless Construction replacements

February 4, 2020

Different trenchless construction replacement methods require different equipment. Below we will look at the equipment needed for the pipe bursting technique, which is part of the in-line replacement method, that is a commonly used technique for pipe replacement:

Winch and compressor

The pipe bursting tool moves forward with the help of a winch and compressor. The winch is connected to the front of the pipe bursting tool and is used to pull the tool through the existing pipe. The winches used for pipe bursting are built to withstand the stress of the bursts and it will be able to maintain constant tension. The compressor is attached to the bursting tool through the new pipe and is used to create the bursts. Both pieces of equipment are kept at the same tension and pressure throughout the process.

Pipe bursting tool

The pipe bursting tool is made up of the bursting head and the expander. The tool is pulled through the existing pipe by means of a winch and the compressor is used to create the bursts that break the existing pipe. The broken pieces of pipe are then pushed up into the surrounding ground.

New pipe

The new pipe is attached to the end of the pipe bursting tool. As the tool is pulled along, so is the new pipe. The new pipe may be the same diameter or larger than the existing pipe. Though the pipe bursting tool follows the line of the existing pipe, the new pipe may not sit in the same position as the existing pipe due to the soil characteristics.

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