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Why you should choose Bloc Contractors for superior trenchless technology projects

February 4, 2020

Bloc Contractors was established in 2002. From our inception, we have continued to expand our client base and our service list. One of our services being trenchless technology projects. There are many reasons you should choose Bloc Contractors for superior trenchless technology projects.


Bloc Contractors uses the most advanced equipment for all our projects. The trenchless technology projects require various pieces of equipment to complete different trenchless construction methods. Each piece of equipment is of the highest standard and is well taken care of to ensure that the projects are not disrupted by faulty equipment.


Our staff are a team of expert engineers and they are led by an industry professional general manager, Dave Erskine. With over 30 years of experience, Dave adds a great deal of knowledge and professional skills to the Bloc Contractors team. His leadership and our professional employees can run expert trenchless technology projects – and provide various other services.

Quality service

At Bloc Contractors, we believe in quality service. We have built a client base of various construction companies (medium to large). Many of which have been with us since our doors opened, a sign of superior service. We cater to our client’s needs and offer advanced construction methods such as the use of trenchless technologies.


Bloc Contractors are always considerate of safety measures. Our superior trenchless technology projects are a safe alternative to traditional open trench methods that could cause injury due to collapse. Not only are these projects safer by nature, we also strictly comply to the standard precautions set out by the government to ensure that our projects run smoothly and safely.

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