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Caissons - Perfect for Ground Support on Unstable Ground

April 25, 2023

When it comes to building tall structures, deep foundations are critical for ensuring stability and structural integrity. Caissons are a popular choice for ground support in these situations because of their unique design and ability to provide vertical support to the structure above.

So, what exactly are caissons? Simply put, they are large, deep foundation structures that are drilled into the ground to provide support for tall buildings, bridges, and other large structures. They are typically made of concrete or steel, and are designed to withstand significant loads from the structure above.

One of the key benefits of using caissons for ground support is their ability to transfer the load of the structure vertically down to the underlying soil or rock. This is in contrast to other types of foundations, such as spread footings or mat foundations, which rely on the soil or rock beneath the foundation to distribute the load horizontally. This makes caissons an ideal choice for structures located on uneven or unstable ground.

Caissons are also important for providing resistance against lateral loads, such as wind or seismic forces. By anchoring the structure deep into the ground, they provide a strong, stable base that can resist the forces of nature.

Another benefit of using caissons is their ability to be customised to meet the specific needs of each project. They can be drilled to varying depths and sizes, and can be designed to handle different types of loads and ground conditions.

Overall, caissons are an important component of ground support for tall structures, providing stability, strength, and customisation to ensure the safety and longevity of the building or bridge. With their ability to transfer loads vertically and resist lateral forces, they are a preferred choice for architects and engineers seeking a reliable and effective foundation solution.

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