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The Benefits of Using Trenchless Construction Methods for Construction Projects

February 5, 2020

Trenchless construction methods have been used to install underground pipes for many years. Methods such as horizontal directional drilling and microtunneling are currently available for trenchless construction. Each trenchless construction method is beneficial for construction projects. Read below to find out the benefits of trenchless construction methods:


Trenchless construction methods are used for the installation, replacement or repairs of underground piping. The various methods used for trenchless construction involve minimal disruption of the surface which makes these methods ideal for busy areas. Trenchless construction has been used to install many utilities such as water and gas pipelines.


The minimal excavation required for trenchless technologies reduces the area used for the site. A smaller site means that traffic control will be more manageable. Therefore, these trenchless construction methods reduce the risk of traffic accidents during the construction project. Another safety concern that is reduced by trenchless construction is the potential for trench cave-ins that may occur with open trenches.


Trenchless construction methods are the attractive option for construction projects that take place in urban areas. These areas generally have a large amount of traffic, vehicular and pedestrian, and so the reduced safety risks increase the attractiveness of these methods. They are also an attractive method for other areas under construction such as roadways, rivers, waterways and other transportation passageways.

Environmentally Friendly

Trenchless construction methods are the environmentally friendly choice in areas where the access to the surface is limited due to existing vegetation that may not be disrupted. In these areas, trenchless construction can be used to install, rehabilitate or replace utilities.

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