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3 Issues that could go wrong during trenchless jacking if you hired inexperienced contractors

May 15, 2020

Trenchless jacking is a very efficient method of trenchless construction, though, it can be quite tricky for those not experienced with the method. Hiring inexperienced contractors for the job could bring about a few problems. Here are a few things that could go wrong during trenchless jacking if you hire inexperienced contractors:

Individual joint failure

If the trenchless jacking project is completed by inexperienced contractors, there is a very high risk that the individual segments or joints may fail due to too much stress placed on the pipeline. If these areas within the pipeline do fail, they could cause a collapse which may cause other issues if the pipeline is beneath a road or body of water.

Weak pipes

A well-trained contractor would be capable of choosing the correct piping for the job, whereas inexperienced contractors may make mistakes. Though this seems like a small mistake, it is not. Trenchless jacking is a method that places a lot of stress on the pipes. If the pipes are not able to withstand the stress, they may crack.

Incorrect alignment

It takes an experienced and knowledgeable contractor to be able to perform trenchless jacking perfectly. Hiring inexperienced contractors could lead to the incorrect alignment of pipes. This could be because the process was completed too quickly and with little care. Experienced contractors will understand the need to slowly complete this method and the minimal steering capability of these projects.

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