Bloc Contractors offer a wide range of services and solutions, which include:

Joint Sealing

J- Seal Expansion Joints - Parking Deck Expansion Joint Systems

Demolition and saw cutting  of suspended slabs and openings.

The following  Hydraulic wall saw job  was carried out off a Cherry picker at a height of approximately 10 meters.

The two massive concrete walls removed weighed 8 tonnes a piece. The entire 16 tonnes  of concrete was saw cut and lowered to the ground  in 4 pieces.

Chotta Motalla Bridge PMB - Saw cutting and removal of Temporary Bridge Piers - Each pier weighs 104 TONS

Large Scale concrete Repair Jobs. N3 MVOTI TOLL PLAZA Rehabilitation of N3 for Martin & East


Installation of Migua Joint System - Installation at Pavilion Shopping Mall - various stores.


Crack repairs using Penetron Mortar and Slurry Systems - Crack repairs to concrete hard stand

Installation of wrap columns due to concrete being understrength

Installation of carbon fibre top and bottom of slab